I feel as though I was conversing with my closest companion over some espresso, or even an amazingly energized call in the day saying: “Estimate WHAT!!!???

I am the new benefactor for Glamor magazine in Holland!!!”, and you would disclose to me how you cannot accept the incredible update and how you feel so cheerful for me.


See the thing is, there is a long story behind this and I would prefer not to exhaust you with all the subtleties, yet I would like to share some of it, since I think of you as my companion and the way that you come visit me consistently means everything to me, still after such a long time… StyleScrapbook will before long turn 7 years of age and keeping in mind that that actually passes my cerebrums over and causes me to feel appreciative each and every day, I still always remember why this began and where I originate from. More than 9 years back I moved to Holland and keeping in mind that I was feeling totally sad, I didn’t know anyone, I didn’t communicate in the language and I was unable to exposed the cool, the absence of sun and the downpour, I actually had one dream and I realized that I wouldn’t let anything stop me. I didn’t begin the blog since I needed to show myself, I didn’t begin the blog to bring in cash or even to become “known”, really in those days, you were unable to do any of that.

At the point when I moved to Holland I attempted my karma and applied to take a shot at each and every style magazine I could consider, I realized I needed to begin from the base and I wouldn’t fret, I try sincerely and I generally make an honest effort and hardest. Everybody said no, perhaps not on the grounds that they didn’t need me, or possibly they didn’t, I mean, I talked no Dutch so they considered me to be a futile extra to the group. I returned home one day and chose to begin StyleScrapbook since, in such a matter that I would not have been given an opportunity, I will attempt to give myself that possibility thus it started.

I began StyleScrapbook in light of the fact that it was my lone expectation. I needed to impart something to somebody, regardless of whether that was 1, 2 or 10 individuals. I began the blog since I had so much longing thus numerous fantasies to work in an industry that regularly gets marked as shallow, yet I saw an alternate side to it.

I fair to God would have NEVER, ever predict what occurred after, or how writing for a blog out of nowhere became something, how by one way or another we at long last had the chance to have a voice and I am grateful for this new development each and every day.

Today I can at long last report that beginning from the September issue, I will be the most current expansion to the Glamor magazine (NL) group as a giver with my own special page each month.

I needed to squeeze myself multiple times when this update turned into a reality in light of the fact that regardless of whether I have figured out how to make such a unimaginable bond with you folks through StyleScrapbook, I was at long last ready to close the circle and my fantasy about composition for a Fashion Magazine at last worked out, after 7 years however hell! Who’s tallying?

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