Dream Come True – Meeting Paul McCartney


This has been one of those; “Is this truly occurring?” minutes, genuinely.

Its in every matter extremely strange to find Hollywood stars aimlessly bistros in LA (I actually need to disclose to you that story), or walk past well known artists or my #1 creators (I likewise need to reveal to you this story), yet remaining close to a Rock legend, a Beatle, Paul McCartney was another degree of insane.

I must be totally legitimate, I infrequently get awed and possibly this is on the grounds that I have been fortunate enough to have seen numerous skilled individuals at various functions, style weeks, etc.

I took these photographs at an extremely selective function during London Fashion Week when I was recording with Canon.

They revealed to me the function would be so selective I needed to pass without anyone else, no +1 permitted and made me want to chance upon some recognizable countenances. The function was for the dispatch of Stella McCartney’s Green Carpet assortment and I just couldn’t not say no.

At the point when I got to the setting close to Bond Street in London, I took a full breath, gave my name at the front and got in. I knew or accepted I would see some celebrated faces yet I never expected to see that many.

Salma Hayek, Samuel L. Jackson, Drew Barrymore were standing only there, before me and made me can’t help thinking about what had I done to merit that spot and how on earth did I figure out how to invade that world. They were absolutely by all account not the only VIPs, the entire room was brimming with British and Hollywood stars and as I was walking among them, I had a snapshot of acknowledgment; They are simply ordinary individuals, similar to you and me, individuals who end up being generally excellent at what they do which is a sensible focus on you and me.

When I was in, one of the servers wearing a fresh white shirt and obviously recruited from one of London’s best displaying offices (same goes for a large portion of the male model servers that night) came towards me with a silver plate brimming with glasses of champagne, I took one and began to look through the room. I was contemplating on these musings as I felt somebody catch the rear of me, I pivoted and it was Paul McCartney… Sir Paul McCartney!

Nancy Shevell, Paul McCartney, Samuel L. Jackson

Presently I have a generally excellent story to tell my kids one day; “Let me disclose to you the tale of the day I – in a real sense chanced upon Paul McCartney”.

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