It’s nothing unexpected that pants have been a style staple for quite a long time, you can dress them here and there, they come in all fits and washes yet above all, they basically look great on everybody.

I genuinely have lost check of the number of Levi’s pants I own, however I feel like each pair is extraordinary and one of a kind in its own specific manner and that is the reason I love making them a piece of my looks so regularly. It’s consistently hard to depict a day in my life in light of the fact that despite the fact that I love my schedules, my life is brimming with surprising excursions and met that make those schedules somewhat difficult to adhere to.

Life in Amsterdam is likewise so a lot simpler when you have adaptable pieces you can wear when you’re cycling during the day, however expecting to spruce up a piece when meeting with companions for supper or a beverage. Wearing agreeable garments is likewise key for me which is the reason I watch out for live in my Levi’s.

On the off chance that I have plans during the night, similar to drinks with companions or a night out, I attempt to spruce up somewhat more however this time I discard the coat, toss on a layered slip on top and a cowhide coat.

At the point when I am sufficiently fortunate to spend in excess of a long time at home, I love beginning my day on the correct foot with an exercise, cycle back home, bounce in the shower and style my search for the afternoon.

I once in a while toss on whatever I find in my storage room, I cautiously plan what I will wear since 1. I will undoubtedly have photograph’s taken for the blog and 2. I like looking and feeling sharp. On a typical day I would presumably go for my Levi’s pants, a pleasant top and beautiful accomplices to wear during the day to go for informal breakfast or snatch some espresso. At whatever point I have a gathering, my look blueprint is somewhat changed so I like messing with overcoats and a decent heel to spruce up my 711’s. I have gathered so many cool jackets consistently and I feel they add that “proficient” contact.

I love the upset subtleties of my 711 pants so the difference with the cowhide coat cause the hope to feel a smidgen more Rock n’ Roll to me which is actually what I am attempting to go for.

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