I’m not going to mislead anybody, composing this post was troublesome, not on the grounds that I didn’t have a clue what to state, but since I didn’t have a clue where to begin.

I have been staying quiet about this for a really long time, and frankly, it actually doesn’t feel genuine. It would presumably stable messy in the event that I said that fantasies do work out, and I would prefer not to seem like a banality, however they do.

I was a 7 year old young lady, asking my Mother to tell me the best way to sew. I recollect her creation my garments since I was the tallest young lady at school back when I actually lived in Mexico. I stared off into space of having my own image one day, living in Europe and working in Fashion.

I got giggled at by a portion of my schoolmates, saying that that just occurs in motion pictures, not, in actuality. Quick forward 10 years and a half and some way or another, I wound up scratching everything I could ever want off my pail list.

Having my own image was the fantasy and objective from the very beginning, back when I used to transfer DIY instructional exercises on Style Scrapbook and when I had in a real sense no clue about that this blog would change my life one day.

We have been taking a shot at this for longer than a year and I can’t accept the day is at last here, the second where I will impart to you, – who I feel are so close, and have been such an immense piece of my development and life for as far back as hardly any years – that I am dispatching my own apparel image.

What is AIT? First off AIT are my initials; Andrea Isabel Torres, however since we moved that question, we can truly dive profound into what AIT truly intends to me.

I needed to make a brand that speaks to all the things I love, a curation of my number one pieces out there however with a contort, my wind. I needed to make a brand that goes somewhat away from the patterns, yet that centers around the pieces that have a significance to me. That says something, yet most importantly, that I and ideally you, will need to wear again and again.

We are dispatching with 23 astounding pieces yet as the seasons pass, AIT’s assortment will develop, come to fruition and ideally, become an absolute necessity have in your closet.

I can’t generally articulate how much your help all through every one of these years actually intends to me, and I am sorry it took me this long to convey something a great deal of you have approached me for quite a long time, however I put stock in timing and this time, the stars truly adjusted for me.

Welcome to the universe of AIT! This is only the start and I can hardly wait to show you what else we have available.

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